Consumer Discretionary Companies

Are you an investor that on the lookout for financially sound for companies that have operated for many years and have dependable earnings, often paying dividends to investors? You are the right place

Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report
ADT ADT Inc 26-08-2022
AGS PlayAGS Inc 29-08-2023
BLD TopBuild Corp 29-08-2023
BZUN Baozun Inc 09-12-2022
COOK Traeger Inc 29-08-2023
CTIB Yunhong CTI Ltd 29-08-2023
CURV Torrid Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
CZR Caesars Entertainment Inc 26-08-2022
DAO Youdao Inc 29-08-2023
DBGI Digital Brands Group Inc 07-12-2022
DTC Solo Brands Inc 29-08-2023
EDR Endeavor Group Holdings Inc 02-06-2022
EDTK Skillful Craftsman Education Technology Ltd 29-08-2023
EM Smart Share Global Ltd 29-08-2023
FARM Farmer Bros Co 14-10-2022
FNKO Funko Inc 22-09-2022
FTCH Farfetch Ltd 21-11-2022
HON Honeywell International Inc 25-02-2022
ID PARTS iD Inc 29-08-2023
LRN Stride Inc 30-04-2021
MDC MDC Holdings Inc 03-01-2023
MODG Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp 29-08-2023
MSC Studio City International Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
MTN Vail Resorts Inc 29-08-2023
PAG Penske Automotive Group Inc 29-08-2023
PATK Patrick Industries Inc 22-06-2021
PBAJ Petro Usa Inc 29-08-2023
PBPB Potbelly Corp 29-08-2023
PCST Pure Capital Solutions Inc 29-08-2023
PCSV PCS Edventures! Inc 29-08-2023
PDD Pinduoduo Inc 28-04-2022
PENN PENN Entertainment Inc 07-09-2022
PENN PENN Entertainment Inc 19-11-2021
PET Wag! Group Co 29-08-2023
PETS Petmed Express Inc 21-05-2021
PEV Phoenix Motor Inc 29-08-2023
PHM Pultegroup Inc 23-09-2021
PHM Pultegroup Inc 04-12-2021
PII Polaris Inc 29-08-2023
PLBY Plby Group Inc 29-08-2023
PLCE Children's Place Inc 21-09-2022
PLNT Planet Fitness Inc 04-10-2022
PLYA Playa Hotels & Resorts NV 29-08-2023
POL Polished.Com Inc 23-03-2023
POOL Pool Corp 29-08-2023
PRDO Perdoceo Education Corp 10-06-2021
PRKA Parks! America Inc 29-08-2023
PRPL Purple Innovation Inc 04-06-2021
PRSI Portsmouth Square Inc 29-08-2023
PSNY Polestar Automotive Holding Uk Plc 29-08-2023
PTLO Portillos Inc 17-02-2023
PTON Peloton Interactive Inc 29-08-2023
PTZH Photozou Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PVH PVH Corp 18-06-2021
PZZA Papa John's International Inc 29-08-2023
QEPC QEP Co Inc 29-08-2023
QOEG Quality Online Education Group Inc 29-08-2023
QRTEA Qurate Retail Inc 29-08-2023
QS Quantumscape Corp 13-11-2021
QSR Restaurant Brands International Inc 29-08-2023
RAVE Rave Restaurant Group Inc 29-08-2023
RCII Rent-A-Center Inc 29-08-2023
RCKY Rocky Brands Inc 29-08-2023
RCL Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd 29-08-2023
REAL RealReal Inc 17-05-2022
REE REE Automotive Ltd 29-08-2023
RENT Rent the Runway Inc 29-08-2023
RGR Sturm Ruger & Company Inc 29-08-2023
RGS Regis Corp 26-08-2022
RH RH 29-08-2023
RICK RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
RIVN Rivian Automotive Inc 09-11-2021
RL Ralph Lauren Corp 29-08-2023
RMBL RumbleOn Inc 29-08-2023
ROST Ross Stores Inc 29-08-2023
ROVR Rover Group Inc 29-08-2023
RRGB Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc 29-08-2023
RRR Red Rock Resorts Inc 29-08-2023
RSI Rush Street Interactive Inc 29-08-2023
RVLV Revolve Group Inc 29-08-2023
SABR Sabre Corp 15-07-2022
SAH Sonic Automotive Inc 12-02-2022
SBET Sharplink Gaming Ltd 29-08-2023
SBH Sally Beauty Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SBUX Starbucks Corp 14-04-2022
SCGY Scientific Energy Inc 29-08-2023
SCI Service Corporation International 29-08-2023
SCVL Shoe Carnival Inc 29-08-2023
SEAS SeaWorld Entertainment Inc 14-04-2022
SEV Sono Group NV 29-08-2023
SFIX Stitch Fix Inc 29-08-2023
SFT Shift Technologies Inc 02-06-2021
SG Sweetgreen Inc 29-08-2023
SG Sweetgreen Inc 20-09-2023
SGC Superior Group of Companies Inc 29-08-2023
SGHC SGHC Limited 29-08-2023
SHAK Shake Shack Inc 30-09-2021
SHOO Steven Madden Ltd 29-08-2023
SIG Signet Jewelers Ltd 26-03-2022
SIX Six Flags Entertainment Corp 29-08-2023
SKX Skechers USA Inc 22-10-2021
SKY Skyline Champion Corp 19-06-2021
SLDP Solid Power Inc 19-09-2022
SLNA Selina Hospitality PLC 29-08-2023
SMP Standard Motor Products Inc 28-07-2021
SNBR Sleep Number Corp 29-08-2023
SNPO Snap One Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
SOND Sonder Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SONO Sonos Inc 04-01-2022
SPGZ Spectrum Group International Inc 29-08-2023
SPWH Sportsmans Warehouse Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SRAD Sportradar Group AG 29-08-2023
SRI Stoneridge Inc 29-08-2023
SSU SIGNA Sports United NV 29-08-2023
STCB Starco Brands Inc 29-08-2023
STG Sunlands Technology Group 29-08-2023
STRA Strategic Education Inc 02-06-2021
STRT Strattec Security Corp 15-02-2022
STRT Strattec Security Corp 23-03-2022
SUP Superior Industries International Inc 29-08-2023
SWBI Smith & Wesson Brands Inc 11-07-2023
SYPR Sypris Solutions Inc 29-08-2023
TAL TAL Education Group 29-08-2023
TALN Talon International Inc 29-08-2023
TBLT Toughbuilt Industries Inc 29-08-2023
TBTC Table Trac Inc 29-08-2023
TCOR TreeCon Resources Inc 29-08-2023
TDUP ThredUp Inc 29-08-2023
TEDU Tarena International Inc 29-08-2023
TH Target Hospitality Corp 29-08-2023
THCH TH International Limited 29-08-2023
THO Thor Industries Inc 16-07-2021
TJX TJX Companies Inc 29-08-2023
TKLF Yoshitsu Co Ltd 29-08-2023
TLF Tandy Leather Factory Inc 29-08-2023
TLYS Tillys Inc 29-08-2023
TMHC Taylor Morrison Home Corp 02-09-2021
TNL Travel + Leisure Co 29-08-2023
TOL Toll Brothers Inc 29-08-2023
TOUR Tuniu Corp 29-08-2023
TPH Tri Pointe Homes Inc (Delaware) 29-08-2023
TPR Tapestry Inc 06-11-2021
TPR Tapestry Inc 20-09-2023
TPX Tempur Sealy International Inc 29-08-2023
TSCO Tractor Supply Co 29-08-2023
TSLA Tesla Inc 21-06-2022
TTSH Tile Shop Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
TUP Tupperware Brands Corp 27-11-2021
TXRH Texas Roadhouse Inc 29-08-2023
UAA Under Armour Inc 10-06-2022
UDMY Udemy Inc 29-08-2023
UEIC Universal Electronics Inc 29-08-2023
UFI Unifi Inc 29-08-2023
ULTA Ulta Beauty Inc 29-08-2023
URBN Urban Outfitters Inc 29-08-2023
UTI Universal Technical Institute Inc 29-08-2023
UXIN Uxin Ltd 30-08-2022
VC Visteon Corp 29-08-2023
VCSA Vacasa Inc 29-08-2023
VEDU Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc 29-08-2023
VEEE Twin Vee PowerCats Co 29-08-2023
VFC VF Corp 29-08-2023
VIOT Viomi Technology Co Ltd 29-08-2023
VIPS Vipshop Holdings Ltd 27-05-2021
VIVC Vivic Corp 29-08-2023
VLCN Volcon Inc 29-08-2023
VMAR Vision Marine Technologies Inc 29-08-2023
VNCE Vince Holding Corp 29-08-2023
VNJA Vanjia Corp 29-08-2023
VOXX VOXX International Corp 29-08-2023
VRA Vera Bradley Inc 29-08-2023
VRM Vroom Inc 29-08-2023
VSCO Victoria's Secret & Co 23-10-2021
VSTA Vasta Platform Ltd 29-08-2023
VSTO Vista Outdoor Inc 29-08-2023
VTRU Vitru Ltd 29-08-2023
VVV Valvoline Inc 29-08-2023
VZIO Vizio Holding Corp 16-10-2021
W Wayfair Inc 19-07-2022
WAFU Wah Fu Education Group Ltd 29-08-2023
WCRS Western Capital Resources Inc 29-08-2023
WEN Wendys Co 29-03-2022
WETH Wetouch Technology Inc 29-08-2023
WEYS WEYCO Group Inc 29-08-2023
WGO Winnebago Industries Inc 04-05-2022
WH Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc 29-08-2023
WHR Whirlpool Corp 20-04-2022
WINA Winmark Corp 29-08-2023
WING Wingstop Inc 29-08-2023
WKHS Workhorse Group Inc 12-01-2022
WKSP Worksport Ltd 29-08-2023
WOOF Petco Health and Wellness Company Inc 29-08-2023
WRBY Warby Parker Inc 29-08-2023
WSM Williams-Sonoma Inc 29-08-2023
WW WW International Inc 29-08-2023
WWW Wolverine World Wide Inc 29-08-2023
WYNN Wynn Resorts Ltd 29-08-2023
XELB Xcel Brands Inc 29-08-2023
XITO Xenous Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
XPEL Xpel Inc 29-08-2023
XPEV Xpeng Inc 15-11-2022
XPEV Xpeng Inc 13-07-2021
XPOF Xponential Fitness Inc 29-08-2023
XSVT Xsovt Brands Inc 29-08-2023
XWEL XWELL Inc 29-08-2023
YETI Yeti Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
YJ Yunji Inc 29-08-2023
YOSH Yoshiharu Global Co 29-08-2023
YTRA Yatra Online Inc 29-08-2023
YUM Yum! Brands Inc 29-08-2023
YUMC Yum China Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ZCMD Zhongchao Inc 29-08-2023
ZUMZ Zumiez Inc 29-08-2023

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