Energy Companies

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Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report
ACDC ProFrac Holding Corp 29-08-2023
AE Adams Resources & Energy Inc 29-08-2023
AM Antero Midstream Corp 29-08-2023
AMPY Amplify Energy Corp 29-08-2023
AMTX Aemetis Inc 29-08-2023
APA APA Corp (US) 29-08-2023
AR Antero Resources Corp 20-09-2022
AREC American Resources Corp 29-08-2023
ARLP Alliance Resource Partners LP 15-03-2022
AROC Archrock Inc 09-11-2022
ASC Ardmore Shipping Corp 29-08-2023
BATL Battalion Oil Corp 29-08-2023
BKR Baker Hughes Co 07-05-2021
BOOM DMC Global Inc 29-08-2023
BPT BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust 25-01-2023
BRN Barnwell Industries Inc 29-08-2023
BROG Brooge Energy Ltd 29-08-2023
BRY Berry Corporation (Bry) 29-08-2023
BSM Black Stone Minerals LP 29-08-2023
BTU Peabody Energy Corp 10-03-2022
CAPL Crossamerica Partners LP 29-08-2023
CCLP CSI Compressco LP 29-08-2023
CEI Camber Energy Inc 31-03-2022
CEIX CONSOL Energy Inc 13-07-2021
CENQ Cenaq Energy Corp 29-08-2023
CEQP Crestwood Equity Partners LP 29-08-2023
CETY Clean Energy Technologies Inc 29-08-2023
CHK Chesapeake Energy Corp 06-02-2023
CHRD Chord Energy Corp 29-08-2023
CHX ChampionX Corp 29-08-2023
CIVI Civitas Resources Inc 29-08-2023
CLB Core Laboratories NV 29-09-2021
CLMT Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP 29-08-2023
CLNE Clean Energy Fuels Corp 09-06-2022
CNX CNX Resources Corp 29-08-2023
COP Conocophillips 29-08-2023
CPE Callon Petroleum Co 29-08-2023
CQP Cheniere Energy Partners LP 29-08-2023
CRC California Resources Corp 29-08-2023
CRGY Crescent Energy Co 29-08-2023
CRK Comstock Resources Inc 12-06-2021
CRT Cross Timbers Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
CTRA Coterra Energy Inc 29-08-2023
CVI CVR Energy Inc 29-08-2023
CVX Chevron Corp 07-10-2022
CVX Chevron Corp 30-01-2023
DCP DCP Midstream LP 29-08-2023
DCRD Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation IV 29-08-2023
DEN Denbury Inc 29-08-2023
DHT DHT Holdings Inc 14-05-2021
DHT DHT Holdings Inc 11-06-2021
DINO HF Sinclair Corp 29-08-2023
DK Delek US Holdings Inc 10-03-2022
DKL Delek Logistics Partners LP 29-08-2023
DLNG Dynagas LNG Partners LP 29-08-2023
DMLP Dorchester Minerals LP 29-08-2023
DO Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc 29-08-2023
DRQ Dril-Quip Inc 29-08-2023
DTM DT Midstream Inc 29-08-2023
DVN Devon Energy Corp 05-03-2022
DWSN Dawson Geophysical Co 29-08-2023
EE Excelerate Energy Inc 07-04-2022
EGY VAALCO Energy Inc 09-01-2023
ENG ENGlobal Corp 29-08-2023
ENLC EnLink Midstream LLC 29-08-2023
ENSV Enservco Corp 11-03-2022
EOG EOG Resources Inc 26-04-2022
EP Empire Petroleum Corp 29-08-2023
EPD Enterprise Products Partners LP 11-12-2021
EPM Evolution Petroleum Corp 29-08-2023
EPSN Epsilon Energy Ltd 29-08-2023
EP_pc El Paso Energy Capital Trust I 29-08-2023
EQT EQT Corp 29-08-2023
ESOA Energy Services Of America Corp 29-08-2023
ESTE Earthstone Energy Inc 29-08-2023
ET Energy Transfer LP 29-01-2022
ETRN Equitrans Midstream Corp 20-04-2021
EVA Enviva Inc 29-08-2023
EZFL EzFill Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
FANG Diamondback Energy Inc 24-08-2022
FET Forum Energy Technologies Inc 29-08-2023
FRO Frontline Plc 08-04-2021
FTI TechnipFMC PLC 29-08-2023
GASS StealthGas Inc 14-06-2022
GEL Genesis Energy LP 29-08-2023
GEOS Geospace Technologies Corp 29-08-2023
GEVO Gevo Inc 30-06-2022
GIFI Gulf Island Fabrication Inc 28-10-2022
GLNG Golar LNG Ltd 03-06-2021
GLOP GasLog Partners LP 29-08-2023
GLP Global Partners LP 29-08-2023
GPOR Gulfport Energy Corp 29-08-2023
GPP Green Plains Partners LP 29-08-2023
GPRE Green Plains Inc 27-10-2022
GPRK GeoPark Ltd 29-08-2023
GRNT Granite Ridge Resources Inc 29-08-2023
GTE Gran Tierra Energy Inc 29-08-2023
HAL Halliburton Co 07-09-2022
HEP Holly Energy Partners LP 29-08-2023
HES Hess Corp 10-11-2022
HESM Hess Midstream LP 17-07-2021
HLX Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc 29-08-2023
HNRG Hallador Energy Co 29-08-2023
HP Helmerich and Payne Inc 29-08-2023
HPK Highpeak Energy Inc 29-08-2023
HUSA Houston American Energy Corp 29-08-2023
ICD Independence Contract Drilling Inc 29-08-2023
IMPP Imperial Petroleum Inc 29-08-2023
INDO Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd 11-03-2022
INSW International Seaways Inc 29-08-2023
INT World Fuel Services Corp 29-08-2023
KLXE KLX Energy Services Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
KMI Kinder Morgan Inc 29-08-2023
KNOP Knot Offshore Partners LP 29-08-2023
KNTK Kinetik Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
KOS Kosmos Energy Ltd 29-08-2023
KRP Kimbell Royalty Partners LP 29-08-2023
LBRT Liberty Energy Inc 29-08-2023
LEU Centrus Energy Corp 29-08-2023
LNG Cheniere Energy Inc 19-07-2023
LODE Comstock Inc 29-08-2023
LPG Dorian LPG Ltd 18-10-2022
LTBR Lightbridge Corp 29-08-2023
MARPS Marine Petroleum Trust 29-08-2023
MGY Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp 29-08-2023
MIND Mind Technology Inc 29-08-2023
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners LP 29-08-2023
MMP Magellan Midstream Partners LP 29-08-2023
MPC Marathon Petroleum Corp 29-08-2023
MPLX MPLX LP 29-08-2023
MRO Marathon Oil Corp 15-06-2022
MTDR Matador Resources Co 29-08-2023
MTR Mesa Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
MUR Murphy Oil Corp 29-08-2023
MVO MV Oil Trust 29-08-2023
MXC Mexco Energy Corp 29-08-2023
NAT Nordic American Tanker Ltd 29-08-2023
NBR Nabors Industries Ltd 29-08-2023
NC NACCO Industries Inc 29-08-2023
NCSM NCS Multistage Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
NE Noble Corporation PLC 29-08-2023
NEXT NextDecade Corp 29-08-2023
NFE New Fortress Energy Inc 29-08-2023
NGL NGL Energy Partners LP 29-08-2023
NGS Natural Gas Services Group Inc 05-06-2021
NINE Nine Energy Service Inc 11-03-2022
NOG Northern Oil and Gas Inc 14-06-2022
NOV Nov Inc 29-08-2023
NR Newpark Resources Inc 29-08-2023
NRP Natural Resource Partners LP 29-08-2023
NRT North European Oil Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
NS NuStar Energy LP 29-08-2023
NVGS Navigator Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
OII Oceaneering International Inc 29-08-2023
OIS Oil States International Inc 29-08-2023
OKE ONEOK Inc 29-08-2023
OPAL Opal Fuels Inc 29-08-2023
OSG Overseas Shipholding Group Inc 29-08-2023
OVV Ovintiv Inc 29-08-2023
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp 05-08-2021
PAA Plains All American Pipeline LP 29-08-2023
PAGP Plains GP Holdings LP 29-08-2023
PARR Par Pacific Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PBF PBF Energy Inc 29-08-2023
PBT Permian Basin Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
PDCE PDC Energy Inc 29-08-2023
PED PEDEVCO Corp 16-06-2022
PFIE Profire Energy Inc 29-08-2023
PHX PHX Minerals Inc 29-08-2023
PNRG Primeenergy Resources Corp 29-08-2023
PR Permian Resources Corp 29-08-2023
PRT PermRock Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
PSX Phillips 66 29-08-2023
PTEN Patterson-UTI Energy Inc 29-08-2023
PUMP ProPetro Holding Corp 29-08-2023
PVL Permianville Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Co 31-01-2023
RCON Recon Technology Ltd 29-08-2023
REI Ring Energy Inc 11-03-2022
REPX Riley Exploration Permian Inc 29-08-2023
RES RPC Inc 29-08-2023
REX REX American Resources Corp 29-08-2023
RIG Transocean Ltd 03-07-2021
RNGR Ranger Energy Services Inc 29-08-2023
ROC ROC Energy Acquisition Corp 29-08-2023
RRC Range Resources Corp 29-08-2023
SBOW SilverBow Resources Inc 29-08-2023
SBR Sabine Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
SD SandRidge Energy Inc 19-01-2023
SDPI Superior Drilling Products Inc 29-08-2023
SFL SFL Corporation Ltd 29-08-2023
SJT San Juan Basin Royalty Trust 29-08-2023
SLB Schlumberger NV 14-09-2022
SLCA US Silica Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SLNG Stabilis Solutions Inc 29-08-2023
SM SM Energy Co 29-08-2023
SMHI SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SMLP Summit Midstream Partners LP 29-08-2023
SND Smart Sand Inc 29-08-2023
SOI Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure Inc 29-08-2023
STNG Scorpio Tankers Inc 29-08-2023
STR Sitio Royalties Corp 29-08-2023
SUN Sunoco LP 18-04-2023
SWN Southwestern Energy Co 29-08-2023
TALO Talos Energy Inc 23-06-2022
TDW Tidewater Inc 29-08-2023
TELL Tellurian Inc 23-05-2022
TK Teekay Corp 30-01-2023
TNK Teekay Tankers Ltd 13-08-2021
TNP Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd 29-08-2023
TOPS Top Ships Inc 29-08-2023
TPL Texas Pacific Land Corp 29-08-2023
TRGP Targa Resources Corp 29-08-2023
TTI Tetra Technologies Inc 16-06-2022
TUSK Mammoth Energy Services Inc 29-08-2023
UEC Uranium Energy Corp 05-08-2022
USAC USA Compression Partners LP 29-08-2023
USDP USD Partners LP 29-08-2023
USEG US Energy Corp 29-08-2023
UUUU Energy Fuels Inc 09-08-2022
VAL Valaris Ltd 29-08-2023
VLO Valero Energy Corp 29-08-2023
VNOM Viper Energy Partners LP 29-08-2023
VOC VOC Energy Trust 29-08-2023
VTLE Vital Energy Inc 29-08-2023
VTNR Vertex Energy Inc 29-08-2023
VTOL Bristow Group Inc 11-06-2021
WES Western Midstream Partners LP 29-08-2023
WFRD Weatherford International PLC 29-08-2023
WHD Cactus Inc 21-05-2021
WMB Williams Companies Inc 29-08-2023
WTI W&T Offshore Inc 03-04-2023
WTTR Select Energy Services Inc 29-08-2023
XOM Exxon Mobil Corp 07-10-2022
XPRO Expro Group Holdings NV 29-08-2023