Financials Companies

Are you an investor that on the lookout for financially sound for companies that have operated for many years and have dependable earnings, often paying dividends to investors? You are the right place

Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report
AAIC Arlington Asset Investment Corp 29-08-2023
AAME Atlantic American Corp 29-08-2023
AAM_pa Apollo Asset Management Inc 29-08-2023
AB AllianceBernstein Holding LP 29-08-2023
ABCB Ameris Bancorp 29-08-2023
ABR Arbor Realty Trust Inc 29-08-2023
AC Associated Capital Group Inc 29-08-2023
ACGL Arch Capital Group Ltd 15-07-2021
ACNB ACNB Corp 29-08-2023
ACR Acres Commercial Realty Corp 29-08-2023
ACRE Ares Commercial Real Estate Corp 29-08-2023
ACT Enact Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ACTG Acacia Research Corp 29-08-2023
AEL American Equity Investment Life Holding Co 29-08-2023
AFBI Affinity Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
AFCG AFC Gamma Inc 03-07-2021
AFG American Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
AFL Aflac Inc 29-08-2023
AFRM Affirm Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
AGBA AGBA Group Holding Ltd 29-08-2023
AGM Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 29-08-2023
AGMH AGM Group Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
AGNC AGNC Investment Corp 29-08-2023
AGO Assured Guaranty Ltd 29-08-2023
AIG American International Group Inc 29-08-2023
AINC Ashford Inc 29-08-2023
AIZ Assurant Inc 29-08-2023
AJG Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. 29-08-2023
AJX Great Ajax Corp 29-08-2023
ALL Allstate Corp 29-08-2023
ALLY Ally Financial Inc 29-08-2023
ALRS Alerus Financial Corp 29-08-2023
ALTI Alvarium Tiedemann Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
AMAL Amalgamated Bank 30-07-2021
AMBC Ambac Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
AMG Affiliated Managers Group Inc 29-08-2023
AMK AssetMark Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
AMNB American National Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
AMP Ameriprise Financial Inc 29-08-2023
AMRK A-Mark Precious Metals Inc 12-05-2023
AMSF Amerisafe Inc 29-08-2023
AMTB Amerant Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
AMTD AMTD IDEA Group 29-08-2023
AOMR Angel Oak Mortgage Inc 29-08-2023
AON Aon PLC 29-08-2023
APAM Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc 29-08-2023
APCX AppTech Payments Corp 29-08-2023
APO Apollo Global Management Inc 29-08-2023
ARCC Ares Capital Corp 29-08-2023
ARES Ares Management Corp 29-08-2023
ARGO Argo Group International Holdings Ltd 03-10-2022
ARI Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance Inc 29-08-2023
AROW Arrow Financial Corp 29-08-2023
ARR ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc 21-03-2023
ASB Associated Banc-Corp 29-08-2023
ASRV Ameriserv Financial Inc 29-08-2023
ATLC Atlanticus Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
ATLO Ames National Corp 29-08-2023
AUB Atlantic Union Bankshares Corp 29-08-2023
AUBN Auburn National Bancorporation Inc 29-08-2023
AURC Aurora Acquisition Corp 29-08-2023
AVAC Avalon Acquisition Inc 29-08-2023
AVDX Avidxchange Holdings Inc 03-01-2023
AX Axos Financial Inc 29-08-2023
AXP American Express Co 11-01-2023
AXS AXIS Capital Holdings Ltd 30-01-2023
BAC Bank of America Corp 29-08-2023
BAFN Bayfirst Financial Corp 29-08-2023
BANC Banc of California Inc 29-08-2023
BANF BancFirst Corp 29-08-2023
BANR Banner Corp 29-08-2023
BANX ArrowMark Financial Corp 29-08-2023
BAP Credicorp Ltd 30-03-2022
BBDC Barings BDC Inc 29-08-2023
BCAL Southern California Bancorp 29-08-2023
BCBP BCB Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
BCML BayCom Corp 29-08-2023
BCOR Blucora Inc 29-08-2023
BCOW 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin Inc 29-08-2023
BCSF Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc 29-08-2023
BEN Franklin Resources Inc 29-08-2023
BFC Bank First Corp 29-08-2023
BFH Bread Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
BFIN BankFinancial Corp 29-08-2023
BFST Business First Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
BGCP BGC Partners Inc 29-08-2023
BHB Bar Harbor Bankshares 29-08-2023
BHF Brighthouse Financial Inc 29-08-2023
BHG Bright Health Group Inc 18-08-2021
BHLB Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
BHRB Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co 29-08-2023
BK Bank of New York Mellon Corp 09-06-2022
BKCC BlackRock Capital Investment Corp 29-08-2023
BKKT Bakkt Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
BKSC Bank of South Carolina 29-08-2023
BKU BankUnited Inc 29-08-2023
BLFY Blue Foundry Bancorp 29-08-2023
BLK BlackRock Inc 29-08-2023
BLX Foreign Trade Bank of Latin America Inc 29-08-2023
BMRC Bank of Marin Bancorp 21-10-2021
BMTX Bm Technologies Inc 16-11-2021
BN Brookfield Corp 29-08-2023
BOH Bank of Hawaii Corp 29-08-2023
BOKF BOK Financial Corp 29-08-2023
BOTJ Bank of the James 29-08-2023
BPOP Popular Inc 29-08-2023
BPRN Bank Of Princeton 29-08-2023
BRBS Blue Ridge Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
BRDG Bridge Investment Group Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
BRKL Brookline Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
BRKa Berkshire Hathaway Inc 29-08-2023
BRO Brown & Brown Inc 29-08-2023
BRP BRP Group Inc 29-08-2023
BRSP Brightspire Capital Inc 29-08-2023
BSBK Bogota Financial Corp 29-08-2023
BSIG Brightsphere Investment Group Inc 29-08-2023
BSRR Sierra Bancorp 29-08-2023
BSVN Bank7 Corp 29-08-2023
BUSE First Busey Corp 29-08-2023
BWB Bridgewater Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
BWFG Bankwell Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
BX Blackstone Inc 04-02-2022
BX Blackstone Inc 03-08-2021
BXMT Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc 29-08-2023
BXSL Blackstone Secured Lending Fund 29-08-2023
BY Byline Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
BYFC Broadway Financial Corp 29-08-2023
C Citigroup Inc 30-09-2021
CAC Camden National Corp 29-08-2023
CACC Credit Acceptance Corp 29-08-2023
CADE Cadence Bank 21-01-2022
CALB California BanCorp 29-08-2023
CARE Carter Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
CARV Carver Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CASH Pathward Financial Inc 29-08-2023
CASS Cass Information Systems Inc 29-08-2023
CATC Cambridge Bancorp 29-08-2023
CATY Cathay General Bancorp 29-08-2023
CB Chubb Ltd 23-11-2022
CBAN Colony Bankcorp Inc 29-08-2023
CBFV CB Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
CBNK Capital Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CBSH Commerce Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
CBU Community Bank System Inc 29-08-2023
CCAP Crescent Capital BDC Inc 29-08-2023
CCB Coastal Financial Corp (EVERETT) 29-08-2023
CCBG Capital City Bank Group Inc 29-08-2023
CCNE CNB Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CFB CrossFirst Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
CFBK CF Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
CFFI C&F Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CFFN Capitol Federal Financial Inc 29-08-2023
CFG Citizens Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
CFR Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc 29-08-2023
CFSB CFSB Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CG Carlyle Group Inc 31-01-2023
CGBD Carlyle Secured Lending Inc 29-08-2023
CHCO City Holding Co 29-08-2023
CHMG Chemung Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CHMI Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp 29-08-2023
CIA Citizens Inc 29-08-2023
CIM Chimera Investment Corp 29-08-2023
CINF Cincinnati Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CION Cion Investment Corp 29-08-2023
CIVB Civista Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
CIZN Citizens Holding Co 29-08-2023
CLBK Columbia Financial Inc 29-08-2023
CLST Catalyst Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CMA Comerica Inc 29-08-2023
CME CME Group Inc 29-08-2023
CMTG Claros Mortgage Trust Inc 29-08-2023
CNA CNA Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CNF CNFinance Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
CNFR Conifer Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
CNNE Cannae Holdings Inc 12-05-2021
CNO CNO Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
CNOB ConnectOne Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CNS Cohen & Steers Inc 28-04-2021
CODI Compass Diversified Holdings 29-08-2023
COF Capital One Financial Corp 29-08-2023
COFS ChoiceOne Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
COIN Coinbase Global Inc 20-04-2021
COLB Columbia Banking System Inc 08-07-2022
COOP Mr Cooper Group Inc 29-08-2023
CPF Central Pacific Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CPSS Consumer Portfolio Services Inc 29-08-2023
CRBG Corebridge Financial Inc 29-08-2023
CRDb Crawford & Co 29-08-2023
CSTR CapStar Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
CSWC Capital Southwest Corp 29-08-2023
CTBI Community Trust Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CTLP Cantaloupe Inc 29-08-2023
CUBI Customers Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CULL Cullman Bancorp, Inc. 29-08-2023
CURO CURO Group Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
CVBF CVB Financial Corp 29-08-2023
CVCY Central Valley Community Bancorp 29-08-2023
CVLY Codorus Valley Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
CWBC Community West Bancshares 29-08-2023
CZFS Citizens Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
CZNC Citizens & Northern Corp 29-08-2023
CZWI Citizens Community Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
DCOM Dime Community Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
DFIN Donnelley Financial Solutions Inc 29-08-2023
DFS Discover Financial Services 29-08-2023
DGICA Donegal Group Inc 29-08-2023
DHIL Diamond Hill Investment Group Inc 29-08-2023
DLO Dlocal Ltd 29-08-2023
DX Dynex Capital Inc 30-12-2021
EARN Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT 21-03-2023
EBC Eastern Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
EBMT Eagle Bancorp Montana Inc 29-08-2023
EBTC Enterprise Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
ECBK ECB Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
ECPG Encore Capital Group Inc 29-08-2023
EEFT Euronet Worldwide Inc 29-08-2023
EFC Ellington Financial Inc 13-03-2023
EFSC Enterprise Financial Services Corp 29-08-2023
EGBN Eagle Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
EHTH eHealth Inc 29-08-2023
EIG Employers Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ENVA Enova International Inc 17-09-2021
EQBK Equity Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
EQH Equitable Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
EQS EQUUS Total Return Inc 29-08-2023
ERES East Resources Acquisition Co 29-08-2023
ERIE Erie Indemnity Co 29-08-2023
ESGR Enstar Group Ltd 29-08-2023
ESNT Essent Group Ltd 29-08-2023
ESQ Esquire Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ESSA ESSA Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
EVBN Evans Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
EVR Evercore Inc 29-08-2023
EVTC Evertec Inc 29-08-2023
EWBC East West Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
EZPW EZCORP Inc 29-08-2023
FAF First American Financial Corp 29-08-2023
FANH Fanhua Inc 29-08-2023
FBIZ First Business Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
FBK FB Financial Corp 29-08-2023
FBMS First Bancshares Inc (Mississippi) 29-08-2023
FBNC First Bancorp (North Carolina) 05-10-2022
FBP First Bancorp 29-08-2023
FBRT Franklin BSP Realty Trust Inc 29-08-2023
FCAP First Capital Inc 29-08-2023
FCBC First Community Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
FCCO First Community Corp (South Carolina) 29-08-2023
FCF First Commonwealth Financial Corp 29-08-2023
FCFS Firstcash Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
FCNCA First Citizens BancShares Inc (Delaware) 29-08-2023
FCNCO First-Citizens Bank & Trust Co 29-08-2023
FDBC Fidelity D&D Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
FDS Factset Research Systems Inc 29-08-2023
FDUS Fidus Investment Corp 29-08-2023
FFBC First Financial Bancorp 29-08-2023
FFIC Flushing Financial Corp 29-08-2023
FFIN First Financial Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
FFNW First Financial Northwest Inc 29-08-2023
FFWM First Foundation Inc 29-08-2023
FG F&G Annuities & Life Inc 29-08-2023
FGBI First Guaranty Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
FGF FG Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
FHB First Hawaiian Inc 11-05-2023
FHI Federated Hermes Inc 29-05-2021
FHN First Horizon Corp 14-08-2021
FIBK First Interstate BancSystem Inc 10-02-2022
FINV FinVolution Group 08-10-2021
FINW Finwise Bancorp 29-08-2023
FIS Fidelity National Information Services Inc 29-08-2023
FISI Financial Institutions Inc 29-08-2023
FISV Fiserv Inc 29-08-2023
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp 29-08-2023
FLIC First of Long Island Corp 29-08-2023
FLT Fleetcor Technologies Inc 29-08-2023
FLYW Flywire Corp 09-06-2022
FMAO Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc 02-07-2021
FMBH First Mid Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
FMNB Farmers National Banc Corp 29-08-2023
FNB FNB Corp 29-08-2023
FNCB FNCB Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
FNF Fidelity National Financial Inc 29-08-2023
FNLC First Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
FNWB First Northwest Bancorp 29-08-2023
FNWD Finward Bancorp 29-08-2023
FOA Finance of America Companies Inc 29-08-2023
FOCS Focus Financial Partners Inc 29-08-2023
FOUR Shift4 Payments Inc 29-08-2023
FPAY FlexShopper Inc 29-08-2023
FRAF Franklin Financial Services Corp 29-08-2023
FRBA FIRST BANK (Hamilton) 29-08-2023
FRBK Republic First Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
FRGE Forge Global Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
FRHC Freedom Holding Corp 29-08-2023
FRME First Merchants Corp 29-08-2023
FRST Primis Financial Corp 29-08-2023
FSBC Five Star Bancorp 29-08-2023
FSBW FS Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
FSEA First Seacoast Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
FSFG First Savings Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
FSK FS KKR Capital Corp 29-08-2023
FTFT Future Fintech Group Inc 29-08-2023
FULT Fulton Financial Corp 29-08-2023
FUNC First United Corp 29-08-2023
FUSB First US Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
FUTU Futu Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
FVCB FVCBankcorp Inc 29-08-2023
FXNC First National Corp 29-08-2023
GABC German American Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
GAIN Gladstone Investment Corp 29-08-2023
GB Global Blue Group Holding Ltd 29-08-2023
GBCI Glacier Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
GBDC Golub Capital Bdc Inc 29-08-2023
GBLI Global Indemnity Group LLC 29-08-2023
GBNY Generations Bancorp NY Inc 29-08-2023
GCBC Greene County Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
GCMG GCM Grosvenor Inc 29-08-2023
GDOT Green Dot Corp 29-08-2023
GECC Great Elm Capital Corp 29-08-2023
GHI Greystone Housing Impact Investors LP 29-08-2023
GHL Greenhill & Co Inc 29-08-2023
GHLD Guild Holdings Co 29-08-2023
GL Globe Life Inc 29-08-2023
GLAD Gladstone Capital Corp 29-08-2023
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp 29-08-2023
GLRE Greenlight Capital Re Ltd 29-08-2023
GNTY Guaranty Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
GNW Genworth Financial Inc 29-08-2023
GOCO Gohealth Inc 21-11-2022
GPMT Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc 27-01-2023
GPN Global Payments Inc 05-10-2021
GRNQ GreenPro Capital Corp 29-08-2023
GROW US Global Investors Inc 29-08-2023
GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc 19-06-2021
GSBC Great Southern Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
GSBD Goldman Sachs BDC Inc 29-08-2023
GSHD Goosehead Insurance Inc 29-08-2023
HAFC Hanmi Financial Corp 29-08-2023
HALL Hallmark Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
HASI Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc 23-12-2021
HBAN Huntington Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
HBCP Home Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
HBNC Horizon Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
HBT HBT Financial Inc 29-08-2023
HCI Hci Group Inc 29-08-2023
HFBL Home Federal Bancorp Inc of Louisiana 29-08-2023
HFWA Heritage Financial Corp 29-08-2023
HGBL Heritage Global Inc 29-08-2023
HGTY Hagerty Inc 29-08-2023
HIFS Hingham Institution For Savings 29-08-2023
HIG Hartford Financial Services Group Inc 29-08-2023
HIPO Hippo Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
HLI Houlihan Lokey Inc 29-08-2023
HLNE Hamilton Lane Inc 29-08-2023
HMN Horace Mann Educators Corp 29-08-2023
HMNF HMN Financial Inc 29-08-2023
HMST HomeStreet Inc 14-06-2023
HNNA Hennessy Advisors Inc 29-08-2023
HNVR Hanover Bancorp Inc (MINEOLA) 29-08-2023
HOMB Home BancShares Inc 29-08-2023
HONE HarborOne Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
HOOD Robinhood Markets Inc 21-10-2021
HOPE Hope Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
HRTG Heritage Insurance Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
HRZN Horizon Technology Finance Corp 29-08-2023
HTBI Hometrust Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
HTBK Heritage Commerce Corp 29-08-2023
HTGC Hercules Capital Inc 29-08-2023
HTH Hilltop Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
HTLF Heartland Financial USA Inc 29-08-2023
HUIZ Huize Holding Ltd 29-08-2023
HWBK Hawthorn Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
HWC Hancock Whitney Corp 29-08-2023
HYW Hywin Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
IBCP Independent Bank Corp (Michigan) 29-08-2023
IBKR Interactive Brokers Group Inc 19-05-2022
IBOC International Bancshares Corp 29-08-2023
IBTX Independent Bank Group Inc 29-08-2023
ICCH ICC Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ICE Intercontinental Exchange Inc 29-08-2023
ICMB Investcorp Credit Management BDC Inc 29-08-2023
ICR_pa Inpoint Commercial Real Estate Income Inc 29-08-2023
IFS Intercorp Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
IGIC International General Insurance Holdings Ltd 22-05-2021
IIIV I3 Verticals Inc 29-08-2023
IMXI International Money Express Inc 23-04-2021
INBK First Internet Bancorp 29-08-2023
INDB Independent Bank Corp (Massachusetts) 29-08-2023
INTR Inter & Co Inc 29-08-2023
IOR Income Opportunity Realty Investors Inc 29-08-2023
IROQ IF Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
ISTR Investar Holding Corp 29-08-2023
ITIC Investors Title Co 29-08-2023
IVR Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc 29-03-2022
IVZ Invesco Ltd 29-08-2023
JEF Jefferies Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
JFIN Jiayin Group Inc 29-08-2023
JHG Janus Henderson Group PLC 29-08-2023
JKHY Jack Henry & Associates Inc 29-08-2023
JMSB John Marshall Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co 02-06-2022
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co 04-02-2022
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co 05-02-2022
JRVR James River Group Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
JT Jianpu Technology Inc 29-08-2023
JXN Jackson Financial Inc 29-08-2023
KEY KeyCorp 29-08-2023
KFFB Kentucky First Federal Bancorp 29-08-2023
KFS Kingsway Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
KINS Kingstone Companies Inc 29-08-2023
KKR KKR & Co Inc 29-08-2023
KMPR Kemper Corp 29-08-2023
KNSL Kinsale Capital Group Inc 15-10-2021
KPLT Katapult Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
KREF KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc 29-08-2023
KRNY Kearny Financial Corp 29-08-2023
L Loews Corp 29-08-2023
LADR Ladder Capital Corp 30-06-2021
LARK Landmark Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
LAZ Lazard Ltd 29-08-2023
LBAI Lakeland Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
LBC Luther Burbank Corp 29-08-2023
LC LendingClub Corp 29-08-2023
LCNB LCNB Corp 29-08-2023
LDI Loandepot Inc 29-08-2023
LFT Lument Finance Trust Inc 29-08-2023
LKFN Lakeland Financial Corp 29-08-2023
LMFA LM Funding America Inc 29-08-2023
LMND Lemonade Inc 10-08-2021
LNC Lincoln National Corp 24-05-2023
LOAN Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc 29-08-2023
LOB Live Oak Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
LPLA LPL Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
LPRO Open Lending Corp 29-08-2023
LRFC Logan Ridge Finance Corp 29-08-2023
LSAK Lesaka Technologies Inc 29-08-2023
LSBK Lake Shore Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
LU Lufax Holding Ltd 11-06-2021
LX Lexinfintech Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
MA Mastercard Inc 29-08-2023
MAIN Main Street Capital Corp 29-08-2023
MATH Metalpha Technology Holding Ltd 29-08-2023
MBCN Middlefield Banc Corp 29-08-2023
MBI MBIA Inc 29-08-2023
MBIN Merchants Bancorp 29-08-2023
MBWM Mercantile Bank Corp 29-08-2023
MC Moelis & Co 29-08-2023
MCB Metropolitan Bank Holding Corp 29-08-2023
MCBC Macatawa Bank Corp 29-08-2023
MCBS Metrocity Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
MCO Moody's Corp 10-05-2022
MCVT Mill City Ventures III Ltd 29-08-2023
MCY Mercury General Corp 29-08-2023
MDWT Midwest Holding Inc 29-08-2023
MEGL Magic Empire Global Ltd 29-08-2023
MET MetLife Inc 29-08-2023
MFA MFA Financial Inc 29-08-2023
MFIC MidCap Financial Investment Corp 29-08-2023
MFIN Medallion Financial Corp 29-08-2023
MGYR Magyar Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
MHLD Maiden Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
MITT AG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc 29-08-2023
MKL Markel Corp 29-08-2023
MKTW MarketWise Inc 29-08-2023
MKTX Marketaxess Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ML MoneyLion Inc 29-08-2023
MMC Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc 29-08-2023
MNSB MainStreet Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
MOFG Midwestone Financial Group Inc (IOWA) 29-08-2023
MORN Morningstar Inc 29-08-2023
MPB Mid Penn Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
MQ Marqeta Inc 29-08-2023
MRAI Marpai Inc 29-08-2023
MRBK Meridian Corp 29-08-2023
MRCC Monroe Capital Corp 29-08-2023
MS Morgan Stanley 11-08-2021
MSBI Midland States Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
MSCI MSCI Inc 12-05-2022
MSVB Mid-Southern Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
MTB M&T Bank Corp 25-06-2021
MTG MGIC Investment Corp 29-08-2023
MVBF MVB Financial Corp 29-08-2023
MYFW First Western Financial Inc 29-08-2023
NAVI Navient Corp 29-08-2023
NBHC National Bank Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
NBN Northeast Bank 29-08-2023
NBTB NBT Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
NCPL Netcapital Inc 29-08-2023
NDAQ Nasdaq Inc 17-02-2022
NECB Northeast Community Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
NEWT Newtek Business Services Corp 29-08-2023
NFBK Northfield Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
NIC Nicolet Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
NICK Nicholas Financial Inc 29-08-2023
NKSH National Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
NLY Annaly Capital Management Inc 29-08-2023
NMFC New Mountain Finance Corp 29-08-2023
NMIH NMI Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
NNI Nelnet Inc 29-08-2023
NOAH Noah Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
NODK NI Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
NRDS NerdWallet Inc 29-08-2023
NREF Nexpoint Real Estate Finance Inc 29-08-2023
NRIM Northrim BanCorp Inc 29-08-2023
NSTS NSTS Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
NTB Bank of N T Butterfield & Son Ltd 29-08-2023
NTRS Northern Trust Corp 29-08-2023
NWBI Northwest Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
NWFL Norwood Financial Corp 29-08-2023
NWLI National Western Life Group Inc 29-08-2023
NYCB New York Community Bancorp Inc 02-07-2021
NYMT New York Mortgage Trust Inc 29-08-2023
OBNK Origin Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
OBT Orange County Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
OCCI OFS Credit Company Inc 29-08-2023
OCFC OceanFirst Financial Corp 29-08-2023
OCN Ocwen Financial Corp 29-08-2023
OCSL Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp 29-08-2023
OFED Oconee Federal Financial Corp 29-08-2023
OFG OFG Bancorp 29-08-2023
OFS OFS Capital Corp 29-08-2023
OLB OLB Group Inc 29-08-2023
OMF OneMain Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ONB Old National Bancorp 17-06-2021
OPBK OP Bancorp 29-08-2023
OPFI OppFi Inc 29-08-2023
OPHC OptimumBank Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
OPOF Old Point Financial Corp 29-08-2023
OPRT Oportun Financial Corp 29-08-2023
OPY Oppenheimer Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
ORC Orchid Island Capital Inc 29-08-2023
ORCC Owl Rock Capital Corp 29-08-2023
ORI Old Republic International Corp 29-08-2023
ORRF Orrstown Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
OSBC Old Second Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
OSCR Oscar Health Inc 29-08-2023
OVBC Ohio Valley Banc Corp 29-08-2023
OVLY Oak Valley Bancorp 29-08-2023
OWL Blue Owl Capital Inc 29-08-2023
OXBR Oxbridge Re Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
OXSQ Oxford Square Capital Corp 29-08-2023
OZK Bank Ozk 29-08-2023
PACW PacWest Bancorp 07-07-2023
PAGS PagSeguro Digital Ltd 13-11-2021
PAX Patria Investments Ltd 29-08-2023
PAY Paymentus Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PAYO Payoneer Global Inc 29-08-2023
PAYS Paysign Inc 13-07-2021
PB Prosperity Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
PBBK PB Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
PBFS Pioneer Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp Inc (MARYLAND) 29-08-2023
PCB PCB Bancorp 29-08-2023
PDLB Ponce Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
PEBK Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina Inc 29-08-2023
PEBO Peoples Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
PFBC Preferred Bank 29-08-2023
PFC Premier Financial Corp (OHIO) 29-08-2023
PFG Principal Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
PFIS Peoples Financial Services Corp 29-08-2023
PFLT PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd 22-03-2023
PFS Provident Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
PFSI PennyMac Financial Services Inc 29-08-2023
PFX PhenixFIN Corp 29-08-2023
PGC Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corp 29-08-2023
PGR Progressive Corp 29-08-2023
PIPR Piper Sandler Companies 29-08-2023
PJT PJT Partners Inc 13-05-2022
PKBK Parke Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
PLBC Plumas Bancorp 29-08-2023
PLMR Palomar Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PMT PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust 29-08-2023
PNBK Patriot National Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
PNC PNC Financial Services Group Inc 29-08-2023
PNC PNC Financial Services Group Inc 06-09-2023
PNFP Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc 29-08-2023
PNNT Pennantpark Investment Corp 29-08-2023
PPBI Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
PRA ProAssurance Corp 29-08-2023
PRAA PRA Group Inc 29-08-2023
PRG PROG Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PRI Primerica Inc 29-08-2023
PRK Park National Corp 29-08-2023
PROV Provident Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PRTH Priority Technology Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
PRU Prudential Financial Inc 29-08-2023
PSEC Prospect Capital Corp 22-03-2023
PSFE Paysafe Ltd 22-07-2021
PT Pintec Technology Holdings Ltd 29-08-2023
PTMN Portman Ridge Finance Corp 29-08-2023
PTRS Partners Bancorp 29-08-2023
PUYI Puyi Inc 29-08-2023
PVBC Provident Bancorp Inc (Maryland) 29-08-2023
PWOD Penns Woods Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
PWP Perella Weinberg Partners 29-08-2023
PX P10 Inc 29-08-2023
PYPL PayPal Holdings Inc 28-05-2021
QCRH QCR Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
QD Qudian Inc 29-08-2023
QFIN 360 DigiTech Inc 29-08-2023
QIWI Qiwi PLC 29-08-2023
RAND Rand Capital Corp 29-08-2023
RBB RBB Bancorp 29-08-2023
RBCAA Republic Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
RBKB Rhinebeck Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
RC Ready Capital Corp 29-08-2023
RCG RENN Fund Inc 29-08-2023
RDN Radian Group Inc 29-08-2023
RE Everest Re Group Ltd 29-08-2023
REFI Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance Inc 29-08-2023
RELI Reliance Global Group Inc 29-08-2023
RELY Remitly Global Inc 29-08-2023
RF Regions Financial Corp 23-03-2023
RGA Reinsurance Group of America Inc 29-08-2023
RILY B Riley Financial Inc 29-08-2023
RITM Rithm Capital Corp 29-08-2023
RJF Raymond James Financial Inc 29-08-2023
RKT Rocket Companies Inc 11-10-2022
RLI Rli Corp 29-08-2023
RM Regional Management Corp 29-08-2023
RMBI Richmond Mutual Bancorporation Inc 29-08-2023
RNR Renaissancere Holdings Ltd 21-05-2021
RNST Renasant Corp 29-08-2023
ROOT Root Inc 21-11-2022
RPAY Repay Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
RRBI Red River Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
RVSB Riverview Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
RVYL Ryvyl Inc 29-08-2023
RWAY Runway Growth Finance Corp 29-08-2023
RWT Redwood Trust Inc 29-08-2023
RYAN Ryan Specialty Holdings Inc 18-11-2022
SACH Sachem Capital Corp 29-08-2023
SAFT Safety Insurance Group Inc 29-08-2023
SAL Salisbury Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
SAMG Silvercrest Asset Management Group Inc 29-08-2023
SAR Saratoga Investment Corp 29-08-2023
SASR Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
SBCF Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida 29-08-2023
SBFG SB Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
SBSI Southside Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
SBT Sterling Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
SCHW Charles Schwab Corp 16-06-2021
SCM Stellus Capital Investment Corp 29-08-2023
SCU Sculptor Capital Management Inc 29-08-2023
SEIC SEI Investments Co 29-08-2023
SEVN Seven Hills Realty Trust 29-08-2023
SF Stifel Financial Corp 29-08-2023
SFBC Sound Financial Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
SFBS ServisFirst Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
SFE Safeguard Scientifics Inc 29-08-2023
SFNC Simmons First National Corp 29-08-2023
SFST Southern First Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
SHBI Shore Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
SHFS SHF Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SIEB Siebert Financial Corp 29-08-2023
SIGI Selective Insurance Group Inc 29-08-2023
SLM SLM Corp 29-08-2023
SLQT SelectQuote Inc 09-07-2021
SLRC SLR Investment Corp 29-08-2023
SMBC Southern Missouri Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
SMBK SmartFinancial Inc 29-08-2023
SMMF Summit Financial Group Inc 29-08-2023
SNEX Stonex Group Inc 29-08-2023
SNFCA Security National Financial Corp 29-08-2023
SNV Synovus Financial Corp 29-08-2023
SOFI SoFi Technologies Inc 22-03-2022
SOR Source Capital Inc 29-08-2023
SPFI South Plains Financial Inc 29-08-2023
SPGI S&P Global Inc 29-08-2023
SPNT Siriuspoint Ltd 29-08-2023
SQ Block Inc 18-01-2022
SQ Block Inc 20-07-2021
SRCE 1st Source Corp 29-08-2023
SSB SouthState Corp 29-08-2023
SSBI Summit State Bank 29-08-2023
SSBK Southern States Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
SSIC Silver Spike Investment Corp 29-08-2023
SSSS SuRo Capital Corp 09-11-2022
STBA S&T Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
STC Stewart Information Services Corp 29-08-2023
STEL Stellar Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
STEP StepStone Group Inc 29-08-2023
STNE StoneCo Ltd 11-04-2023
STT State Street Corp 29-08-2023
STWD Starwood Property Trust Inc 29-08-2023
SUNL Sunlight Financial Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
SWKH SWK Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
SYBT Stock Yards Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
SYF Synchrony Financial 29-08-2023
TBBK Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
TBNK Territorial Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
TCBC TC Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
TCBI Texas Capital Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
TCBK Trico Bancshares 29-08-2023
TCBS Texas Community Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
TCBX Third Coast Bancshares Inc 29-08-2023
TCPC BlackRock TCP Capital Corp 29-08-2023
TFC Truist Financial Corp 27-03-2023
TFIN Triumph Financial Inc 29-08-2023
TFSL TFS Financial Corp 29-08-2023
THFF First Financial Corp 26-06-2021
THG Hanover Insurance Group Inc 29-08-2023
TIGR UP Fintech Holding Ltd 29-08-2023
TIPT Tiptree Inc 29-08-2023
TMP Tompkins Financial Corp 29-08-2023
TOP TOP Financial Group Ltd 29-08-2023
TOST Toast Inc 29-08-2023
TOWN TowneBank 29-08-2023
TPG TPG Inc 29-08-2023
TPVG Triplepoint Venture Growth BDC Corp 29-08-2023
TREE Lendingtree Inc 29-06-2022
TRIN Trinity Capital Inc 29-08-2023
TRMK Trustmark Corp 29-08-2023
TROW T Rowe Price Group Inc 29-08-2023
TRST TrustCo Bank Corp N Y 29-08-2023
TRTX TPG RE Finance Trust Inc 29-08-2023
TRUP Trupanion Inc 29-08-2023
TRV Travelers Companies Inc 29-08-2023
TSBK Timberland Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
TSLX Sixth Street Specialty Lending Inc 29-08-2023
TURN 180 Degree Capital Corp 29-08-2023
TW Tradeweb Markets Inc 29-08-2023
TWO Two Harbors Investment Corp 23-03-2022
UBCP United Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
UBFO United Security Bancshares 29-08-2023
UBSI United Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
UCBI United Community Banks Inc 29-08-2023
UFCS United Fire Group Inc 29-08-2023
UIHC United Insurance Holdings Corp 29-08-2023
UMBF UMB Financial Corp 29-08-2023
UNAM Unico American Corp 29-08-2023
UNB Union Bankshares Inc 29-08-2023
UNM Unum Group 29-08-2023
UNTY Unity Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
UPST Upstart Holdings Inc 04-01-2022
USB US Bancorp 29-08-2023
USCB US Century Bank 29-08-2023
USIO Usio Inc 29-08-2023
UVE Universal Insurance Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
UVSP Univest Financial Corp 29-08-2023
UWMC UWM Holdings Corp 11-04-2021
V Visa Inc 07-12-2021
VABK Virginia National Bankshares Corp 29-08-2023
VALU Value Line Inc 29-08-2023
VBFC Village Bank and Trust Financial Corp 29-08-2023
VBTX Veritex Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
VCTR Victory Capital Holdings Inc 29-08-2023
VEL Velocity Financial Inc 29-08-2023
VERY Vericity Inc 29-08-2023
VINP Vinci Partners Investments Ltd 12-06-2021
VIRT Virtu Financial Inc 14-07-2021
VLY Valley National Bancorp 29-08-2023
VOYA Voya Financial Inc 29-08-2023
VRTS Virtus Investment Partners Inc 29-08-2023
WABC Westamerica Bancorp 29-08-2023
WAFD Washington Federal Inc 29-08-2023
WAL Western Alliance Bancorp 29-08-2023
WASH Washington Trust Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
WBS Webster Financial Corp 29-08-2023
WD Walker & Dunlop Inc 29-08-2023
WDH Waterdrop Inc 29-08-2023
WEX WEX Inc 28-10-2022
WEX WEX Inc 16-10-2021
WFC Wells Fargo & Co 16-09-2021
WHF WhiteHorse Finance Inc 29-08-2023
WHG Westwood Holdings Group Inc 29-08-2023
WMC Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp 29-08-2023
WMPN William Penn Bancorp 29-08-2023
WNEB Western New England Bancorp Inc 29-08-2023
WRB W R Berkley Corp 29-08-2023
WRLD World Acceptance Corp 29-08-2023
WSBC WesBanco Inc 29-08-2023
WSBF Waterstone Financial Inc 29-08-2023
WSFS WSFS Financial Corp 29-08-2023
WT Wisdomtree Inc 29-08-2023
WTBA West Bancorporation Inc 29-08-2023
WTFC Wintrust Financial Corp 29-08-2023
WTM White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd 29-08-2023
WTW Willis Towers Watson PLC 29-08-2023
WU Western Union Co 20-10-2021
XP XP Inc 29-08-2023
XYF X Financial 29-08-2023
YRD Yiren Digital Ltd 29-08-2023
ZION Zions Bancorporation NA 21-07-2023