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Kalkine is a Tech-Enabled Business, based on a Digitally Powered Architecture, and Extensive Data Science led Research.

Our analysis is supported by financial and other data using Kalkine’s Proprietary Technology. We provide Independent Equity Research based on technology-powered detailed analysis and actionable insights on various listed stocks for Buy, Sell or Hold Positions.

Exclusive Stock Insights

Stock Price at review Buy / Hold / Sell
MOS 35.09
HMST 6.8
ABBV 132.51

“Price at review” denotes the price at which the recent recommendation was given by Kalkine.

Past Recommendations

A combination of several macro and micro economic factors apart from the stock-specific parameters

We are also providing you with an access to view the 'BUY' recommendation report and the 'SELL' recommendation report.

Past Recommendations
(Weekly Technical Analysis Report)
Code Buy Price Sell Price Gain/Loss

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