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With Kalkine Professional you can get in-depth research on NYSE/NASDAQ - listed and global stocks in diversified sectors across real-estate, metals & mining, gold, battery, lithium etc. The idea is to provide comprehensive financial research solution and expert technical analysis on some of the growing companies in a simplified manner.

Powerful Stock Research

Kalkine Professional provides access to Kalkine’s premium research content as curated by financial and technical analysis experts for financial planners and industry professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kalkine Professional provides an Independent Equity Research solutions based on technology-powered detailed analysis, and insights on various listed stocks for industry professionals to action upon any Buy, Sell or Hold positions. Our primary aim is to provide general investment idea to clients to enable them to navigate and achieve success in complex financial markets.

Kalkine Professional has been designed by a team of rich experienced analysts holding qualified certifications for industry professionals and financial planners, to help them save time and effort to identify better opportunities to make smart investment research-related decisions in a timely manner.

Kalkine's research moves beyond the traditional boundaries of the stock selection process. Our stock-picking approach considers both external and internal factors. The key macro-economic factors including inflation, interest rates, commodity cycles, GDP growth rates etc. may impact the market sentiments. Our rich knowledge and expertise in understanding industry dynamics, and evolving businesses per se strikes the right chord with prudent investors. We rely both on strategic and tactical stock picks while providing any stock recommendation. Our recommendations are of generic nature and do not consider your investment objectives, financial situations or needs. They have been classified into the following categories: • Buy • Speculative Buy • Hold • Sell • Expensive • Avoid • Watch

As a part of your paid membership to “Kalkine Professional”, we provide subscribers the ability to call and speak to our representatives about any questions you may have about our services between the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday to Friday. In summary, “Kalkine” is happy to answer calls regarding our published material, however, due to strict compliance requirements, we simply cannot answer questions related to your personal financial circumstances.

Note: The information given by Kalkine is general information or advice only. It does not take into account any of your personal objectives, circumstances or needs. Not all investments are appropriate for all people. If you do not feel confident making a decision based on our general recommendations, you should consider obtaining personal advice from an authorised adviser.

The user can subscribe to any of the below packages as per the requirement to get access to weekly and or fortnightly research reports and or model portfolios. Else, the user can contact us to customize the packages as per the requirement.

Kalkine Green Energy Stocks

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  • Dividend Income Report
  • Diversified Opportunities Report
  • Global Big Money Report
  • Earnings Hunter Report

Kalkine Technology Stocks

  • American Tech Report

Kalkine Technical Analysis Stocks

  • Global Commodity Technical Analysis Report
  • US Technical Analysis Report
  • Kalkine Bearish Chart Report
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